Tuesday, February 2, 2016

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Some of my pre-surgery paintings

Surviving Surgery

So, I haven't been at the easel in a few weeks since having my shoulder replaced. Yes, I am now cyborg/bionic/robot...all of the above.

It's nice to get back into painting again. I feel like I've been reunited with a long lost friend. I will be sharing some images soon.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Images From March 2015

The grizz.                8x10  $650 

Box Elder Cowboy         10x8  $750 

Just Checkin"       18x24    $2600

The Cinch      10x8        $750

Mornin'  Search     10x8    $750  

First Mount     8x16    $1300  

Forest Tracking        18x24       $2200  

Workin' the corrals     6x6       $400   

 Collin' Her Heels  24x12    $1800 

 Longhorn Strays    5x7     $300 

 The Night Herder   6x6     $400 

 Runnin' Thunder         30x40        $6500 

 Peaceful Afternoon     7x5     $300 

Thru The Burn        8x10        $750   

 Headed TO the Stockyards      10x20      $1500 

Runnin' The Ridge        20x16              $1550  

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

howdy all

Howdy all,

Just wanted to take a minute and talk about how much I appreciate those of you who have purchased my work.   Wow, long sentence!  I'm wore out.  But I digress.  With the economy the way it has been, I consider each sale a miracle.  I wouldn't want anyone to think I take those sales for granted.  I am thankful, and my family is also.  In the words of some guy,  Thanks man!  I am out!

Kelly D. Donovan.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Longhorn Extravaganza

"Pushin' 'em Thru"
24 x 60

In September I am headed to Oklahoma City to show my work at "The Longhorn Extravaganza".  I've been working on art for the show. I will have about 35 pieces on display, including painting and sculpture. This is a larger piece that will be featured there.

I hope to see a lot of people there.   This show is right up my alley seeing as my favorite era is the old timey cowboy, 1880 to 1925. There abouts. 

It would be great to hear any feedback or interest from folks. I know that opinions are like (you know what), but I would like to know yours.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


  About Kelly...



Award winning artist, Kelly D. Donovan has had an interest in art from an early age. Growing up in western Colorado gave Donovan a strong foundation for the work he enjoys. From the time he could pick up a pencil as a young boy, Donovan has immersed himself in cowboy art.  He began showing his work in galleries at age 15. He has also been an accomplished and well-known mural and sign artist for 25 years.

Donovan says, "My fascination with the old west has kindled my desire to keep that brief moment in history alive through my artwork”. His extensive research into the old west ensures the authenticity that he strives for in his work.

He was featured in Southwestern Art Magazine as an “Emerging Artist” an "Artist to Watch", and most recently as a “Western Icon” He was also featured in Western Horseman Magazine. His work has appeared in American Cowboy Magazine and Cowboy and Indian Magazine as well.

Donovan was showcased by Coca-Cola as an exclusive artist to participate in fundraising events to benefit cancer research for the Susan G. Komen Foundation and for the Ingram Vanderbilt Cancer Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

Donovan's work can be found in private and corporate collections nationwide and overseas. His collectors include country music personalities such as Gary Chapman, Paul Overstreet, Gary Morris, Mel Tillis, Trace Adkins, Robert Earl Keen and Charlie Daniels. His artwork also appeared in the award-winning movie Sideways.

He participates in exhibitions and events all across the country. Donovan is represented by Authentique Gallery in St. George, UT and Judith Hale in Los Olivos, CA. He resides in Corinne, Utah where he keeps a full-time art studio