Please contact Kelly if you are interested or have any questions about any of his paintings.

Also, please call if you are interested in any commission work

Kelly Donovan (435) 225-3435

The grizz.                8x10  $650

Box Elder Cowboy         10x8  $750

Just Checkin"       18x24    $2600

The Cinch      10x8        $750

Mornin'  Search     10x8    $750

First Mount     8x16    $1300

Forest Tracking        18x24       $2200

Workin' the corrals     6x6       $400 

 Collin' Her Heels  24x12    $1800

 Longhorn Strays    5x7     $300

 The Night Herder   6x6     $400

 Runnin' Thunder         30x40        $6500

 Peaceful Afternoon     7x5     $300

Thru The Burn        8x10        $750

 Headed TO the Stockyards      10x20      $1500

Runnin' The Ridge        20x16              $1550

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