The American Cowboy......what is it about them?   Every boy wants at sometime is this life to be one.  Every girl at sometime in her life wants to love one.  As for me, I still want to ride off into the sunset on my trusted hoss, to round-up the cattle or save some gal in trouble.  Its a fading part of history not given its due course.  This is the reason I love to create artworks depicting their life and work.  They were hard working boys mostly, facing things we only have nightmares about.

Well,  just some thoughts.

Kelly D. Donovan

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  1. I read that you were a juror at the Spirit of the West Show in Cheyenne and that you were interested in preserving the old west. We have some things in common. I am also interested in preserving our western way of life. We raise cattle and I'm an artist too. I was delivering bulls to a ranch and as I placed old homestead one after the other, I realized how much has changed between my time and when my dad was young. I just wanted to say that I appreciate that sentiment.